Guy With 9 Dogs Is So Tempted To Adopt 2 More | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

Guy With 9 Dogs Is So Tempted To Adopt 2 More | Ruff Life With Lee Asher
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It’s time for Lee Asher to take K.C. and Pearl, his two foster dogs, back to the shelter for an adoption event. Lee and Sydney have gotten very attached to them, but there are already 9 dogs in the pack and they can’t adopt more — or can they? (Part 2 of 2)

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  1. 2:05 as much as i love you guys' energy, i take issue with this. You all had the peace of mind to record & film & arrange for the glamorous pick up, but you didn't have the foresight to inquire with the SPCA regarding their policies?

    It seems like a short sited attempt to do good at the dogs' expense. Why take the dogs out of the shelter for 2 to 3 days and potentially have to then return them back to the shelter indefinitely before investigating all the many parameters that would affect / effect your temporary adoption or fostering program?

    These dogs didn't deserve that poor planning. Sorry ??‍♀️ i know it worked out in the end but for others, please think about all the parameters, dogs aren't shirts and socks you can return to Target if they don't fit. They are babies, and sometimes things don't work out as picturesque as this. Obvs much love to them for giving them both forever homes.

  2. You guys are so adorable ?-making the points that you did your due diligence in fostering the two lovely doggies and finding a great forever home for them! Hah! What a great life they now have. Thank you!

  3. Who would dump a family dog after 14 years ! That's awful and thank God for animal lovers like the two of you to open your hearts and your home for the senior and a sweet chiwawa Pearly. Lots of love all around???????????

  4. Funny how the woman suddenly appears when he's got a house to live in and she has to have her say . he used to cope quite well before she appeared. What happened to his mate who was with him for a very long time . he probably didn't fit once she came along. Women? He was better off with just the dogs . dump the woman lee get another dog and get your mate back. You are a truly good person lee. God bless you sir.

  5. As a former foster home, I understand what Lee is saying about fostering being more important than rescuing. While both are necessary, if a foster keeps too many foster dogs, there is soon not enough time, space or funds (I had to supplement what the rescue provided) to do justice to them all. That leads to quitting fostering. In my case, the rescue folded, and I moved on to other animal welfare projects to help larger numbers. When I wanted to keep a foster because I didn't think I could bear to let them go, I reminded myself how many dogs could cycle through my home instead of keeping any one dog. I soon got over the broken heart as I walked through a shelter and found another dog that needed a foster home. Still I would have done the same thing Lee did. Any dog I fostered will never see the inside of another shelter if I can help it. They have a home for life with me no matter the circumstances. I've honored that commitment about half a dozen times and would not change it for anything. I loved them every one.

  6. While i do have much admiration for the guy in the video for the work that he has done, I do have major concerns for the fact that he is driving around in a vehicle with UNRESTRAINED animals in the vehicle, imagine the damage that could be done to these animals if they where involved in an accident! I note in the video that both the driver and human passenger are wearing seatbelts but seems NONE of the animals are safely restrained ( either in a travel crate or being connected to a seatbelt harness).

    Here in Australia it is the law that all animals must be restrained when travelling in a vehicle – and tough fines are imposed for those that break these laws, I would expect that the US has similar (or harsher) laws to ensure that safety of animals while in transit.

  7. I'm so HAPPY! I feel like K.C really needed a loving home after getting abandoned at 14 years old & Pearl who lived in a crate her whole life, these two babies need to just be loved as much as possible and you two are PERFECT. I know what you mean about fostering being more important and I do agree but I think you made the right choice with these two. I'm sure you'll find room in your home and heart for more fosters in the future for right now these girls have the best home they could have asked for thanks to you both.

  8. I knew you would keep them. You couldn't put them back in a shelter after showing them so much love. You won't regret it. It's their loss and your gain. I have nine dogs and I would have kept them but too far away in England.

  9. I’m so happy you adopted Casey and Pearl. There’s no way you can give them a taste of love and the good life, just to be returned to the shelter. God bless you both?

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