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  1. Ahigher forgive me for laughing but how she gonna tell her friend don't say that that's nasty but won't tell her how stupid it is to be out there fighting when her life isn't in danger!? ???

  2. She was weak for kicking her off guard… You ain't bout it boo… U should of took off the moment you call her out but u ran up when her back been turn… Weak

  3. I came to get what I came to do, LMAO, wwhhaaaaaatt????? Girl in the green bra.. that's some bullshit!!!! How are you going to run up on someone that's not looking and when y'all split up, you act hard like you did something? Girl with the blue hair stands up and tries to get ready to fight, (since you were already ready to fight) blue hair didn't even come to fight, you kick her in the stomach. Girl, "I came to get what I came to do" straight bitch ass move. You make me sick, acting hard.

  4. That 2nd chic tho "you betta catch yo breath… GO, NOW!!".
    That is a WOMAN right there. Straight wife material. Somebody let me know when her nigga fuck up. I'mma sweep through like the grinch that stole her beautiful ass.

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