[Serious] What was the closest you’ve ever been to death?

[Serious] What was the closest you’ve ever been to death?
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Reddit story – [Serious] What was the closest you’ve ever been to death?

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  1. I'm in recovery for a drug addiction. I have over two years clean. I survived too many overdoses to count, getting crushed in a trunk that was dead on the train tracks while train was coming it started up at the last second, I was kidnapped, so many more.

  2. That guy cut someone off while they were going 80-90 mph and then he’s surprised that the other guy was pissed. That’s the problem with drivers, they swear they never do anything wrong and that everyone else is crazy

  3. i got one. about two years ago i nearly lost control of my quad bike; could’ve very well have been dead. i didn’t calculate a turn around a public field properly and was heading right for a ridge in front of me, that led down to a dusty gravel road to a larger field below. if i had gone dead ahead, i would’ve cut across horizontally over the path and gone further downhill into some bushes at a very steep incline.

    if i turned to the left, i would’ve collided with my parents’ bikes ( and probably have gotten hurt there, too ). so i made the choice to drive into a tree just a tad to the left; just a few feet from the incline. i had a helmet on and wasn’t injured, but i could’ve been if i hadn’t used to trees to stop myself from heading down that ridge.

  4. So… I was pretty close to death too.
    I'm diagnosed with advanced tachycardia. My normal blood pressure was 140-160/100-120
    and after effort was like 220/160…
    I lived with that like 2 months without even knowing.
    I was also sweating heavily af.
    I was curious about my blood pressure after my mom told me heavy sweating can mean some heart problems so I checked it.

  5. As a child I was nearly struck by lightning in my own backyard. My hair raised up on my head and I felt tingly all over. Then I heard the zap, right behind me, it stuck right beneath the swing set in my back yard. I turned to see a smoking black spot on the ground, then I ran for my life. My mother didn't believe me of course, never even went to see the burn spot. But it was still there for a very long time, no grass would grow there.

  6. Not so much death but ive almost had a heart attack a few times when ive been at my mums and my aunt has knocked the window when visiting when I wasnt expecting it

  7. I was smoking weed with my friends. It was like the fourth time I had ever smoked. I was beggining to feel high, when suddenly, I hear some sort of snap in my head. The high was gone. I was sort of confused. Then I got worried out of nothing. Heart beating ever faster. Then the adrenaline. Arms' veins were huge. My firends had stopped talking for a second, and the one right next to me said he could hear my heart beating. My chest was vibrating so hard with every heartbeat. Then my left arm started going somewhat numb. And then my heart started hurting a bit. I tried to calm myself down, to no avail. So I just accepted I was going to die due to fucking weed. Strangely, when I accepted my fate, it actually started getting a little better. It went on and off like this for about three hours. I legitimately thought I was about to die

  8. Multiple scenarios could have done the trick, closest to death for me was when I got jumped and stabbed by 2 guys on the way home from work, woke up in a puddle of blood coming from me and the guy I managed to give a good pavement facial, the other guy apparently hit me with a trash can in the back of the head and sliced me good, other guy ended up dying from blood loss, wish I would have just worked late that night.

  9. I was locked out of the house and spend the night on these abandoned train tracks on a wooden bridge in the middle of the woods. I remember we passed the end of the wooden planks and I said there's no way a train goes this far down. I sat on the bridge listening to mp3. It was about 2am. My friend sat with me for company. We were there about an hour and a half when suddenly the ground started shaking. It was like an earth quake. We laughed and joked about it until there were bright white lights about 50 feet away that just seemed to appear from out of the trees. The horn was screaming at us. We screamed back and scurried with our legs Tangled in the bars and our backpacks were snatched up. My friend grabbed my arm and we scurried and ran in time for her to pull me into the bush and branches at the edge of the bridge. The heel of my show was two feet away from the metal tracks. The train rushed by with a gust of wind and my hair flew in my eyes. I remember the sounds the wheels made, boom boom woosh woosh boom boom whoosh woosh. My heart was pounding in my throat and getting up from that bush was a pain. Our jackets were ripped and we had some specks of blood on us, but that was one of my many close experiences with dear friend death.

  10. I found myself on the ground. I got up and realized it was hard to breathe. Couldnt finish a sentence without stopping to breathe. Visited a nurse friend who called an ambulance. I had a pulmonary embolism – clot in my lung. If i hadnt seen the nurse i would have just gone home as i didnt think i needed a hospital. Without treatment i would have died.

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