Food in Czech Republic – MEAT TOUR + Must-Eat in Prague!

Food in Czech Republic - MEAT TOUR + Must-Eat in Prague!
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In this Czech food tour of Prague, we mostly focus on the meat eating culture – and you’ll find some seriously good meat and beer when you’re in Czech Republic! #Prague #CzechRepublic #CzechFood

Thanks to Peter ( for taking me around, we had an amazing time eating!

Naše Maso – When I asked you all on social media where to eat in Prague, one of the top recommendations was Naše Maso, a butcher shop, with a restaurant. From what I read, the owner was tired of the lack of quality meat products in Czech Republic, and decided to do something about it – by sourcing good quality fresh meats, and preparing the best quality meat products. So while many people buy their meat directly from the butcher – everything from steaks to hotdogs – there is a small restaurant within the butchery. We ordered the steak tartare (some of the best I’ve ever had), Czech meatloaf, and there’s no way you want to leave without trying their hotdogs.

VNITROBLOCK – On our way to the next restaurant, we stopped for some coffee at a very artistic industrial style coffee shop called VNITROBLOCK.

Na Pekárně – And finally to end the day for our final meal, we drove about 30 minutes outside of the city to a Czech food restaurant that has as much character as it is delicious. Chef specializes in game meats, and he enjoys serving customers shot and beers, as you’ll find out. Along with all the other dishes, the one Czech food you don’t want to miss is Svíčková – Must-eat in Czech Republic! Thanks to Taste of Prague ( for this recommendation! Total price – 955 CZK ($41.09)

It was another great, laid back, day in Prague, and full of character!



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  2. What terrible hospitality. He obviously pressured you into drinking as he was wasted himself. I hate to see you being made uncomfortable like that lol. Pushy people are the worst

  3. Mark can't turn down the free spirits that chef was making him drink bc Mark doesn't want to offend anyone. But Mark was hammered…….. lol……. It will not be the last time either…….. lol…….

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