Deadly Design | 1977 Dan-Air Boeing 707 crash

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The 1977 Dan-Air/IAS Cargo Boeing 707 crash was a fatal accident involving a Boeing 707-321C cargo aircraft operated by Dan Air Services Limited on behalf of International Aviation Services Limited (trading as IAS Cargo Airlines at the time of the accident), which had been sub-contracted by Zambia Airways Corporation to operate a weekly scheduled all-cargo service between London Heathrow and the Zambian capital Lusaka via Athens and Nairobi. The aircraft crashed during approach to Lusaka Airport, Zambia, on 14 May 1977. All six occupants of the aircraft were killed.

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  1. Why do the always blame pilots first, how would you have time to trim when in landing and close to ground, how would they know what was happening anyways. Its all bollox. Thanks you.

  2. The flight deck crew certainly had enough experience to have saved the plane if that had been possible. Appearances are they were doomed.

  3. On crack sensitive critical parts…would pre assembly glass peening help resist crack precipition—even though the parts are 'soft' light alloy ?

  4. This was definitely a hard lesson to swallow.
    It is not uncommon in the field of aviation that the toughest lessons do come at a price.
    Have Faith though. The Wright brothers took much for granted because very little was known… brush burns, broken bones and eventually even death would serve a greater cause. The need to advance our human curiosity by advancing human ingenuity and science.

  5. Could this structural failure have taken down the very flight that was lost with all that art about 2 million dollars worth of pictures paintings that went down without a trace right after takeoff might be interesting to see what the hour time on that plane was too and it was the same model

  6. at first I thought this channel was a cheap copy-cat of TheFlightChannel, but 6-10 mins is more up my alley, and it seems more often updated and a lot of different accidents and incidents you cover. Keep it up! – Larry, NY (private pilot, former ATC stdnt

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