Bhutanese Tibetan Street Food in Thimphu, Bhutan – TIBETAN UNCLE! (Day 11)

Bhutanese Tibetan Street Food in Thimphu, Bhutan - TIBETAN UNCLE! (Day 11)
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Well, Bhutan doesn’t really have much street food, but Tibetan Uncle is about as close to the street food atmosphere in Thimphu as you can get, and it’s amazing.
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On Day 11 of our food and travel trip to Bhutan, we were in Thimphu. We met up with Matt for breakfast and he took us to a place he named Tibetan Uncle, a friendly uncle who makes an assortment of Bhutanese and Tibetan food. The little restaurant is as local and street food style as you can get in Thimphu, tucked in a tiny little room at the back of a strip mall.

Tibetan Uncle (Peace Restaurant) – Order anything he has for the day, everything is good at Tibetan. The momos and chili sauce were amazing, and the beef phingsha and Tibetan food curry and ting momos were delicious.

Zombala Restaurant – One of the first restaurants in all of Bhutan is Zombala restaurant, located in the heart of Thimphu. They specialize in light meals like momos, fried rice, and chow mein. The momos were again excellent.

Bhutan Kitchen Restaurant – For dinner we went to Bhutan Kitchen restaurant, another traditional Bhutanese food restaurant in Thimphu. For traditional Bhutanese food, I thought this was one of the better sit down restaurants in Thimphu.


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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  1. We get excellent momos in Thimphu, actually Peace Restaurant is the best, but it sitting pace is at premium, Second best is Kuenga Momo, with Zombala in the third place. I was looking forward to some good momos in Dharamsala but their momo turned out to be the worst I ever had. Maybe I missed the right place during my weeklong sojourn there.

  2. "One of the better, nicer-end meals that I've had so far…" But we have no idea where all the crap meals were because your reaction to all meals, even airport food, is so overwhelmingly positive/identical! 🙂

  3. Thank you for taking us with you on your travels! Bhutan looks like an amazing country to visit with wonderful people and delicious food. Are there any cookbooks for Bhutanese food you can recommend?

  4. Mark, you really produce very amazing good videos. The clarity of your description and pronunciations are fantastic. The best thing about your video is that you are very connecting .. i feel that you are really talking directly to the audience . i really enjoy watching you eat. You are a very fair person – never had i heard some bad language from you while making comments on the different foods !???

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