Rescue Poor Dog Was Unable to Walk & In a Terrible State That Have Showed Us He Want to Live

Rescue Poor Dog Was Unable to Walk & In a Terrible State That Have Showed Us He Want to Live
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-Rescue The Poor Dog Who Was Unable to walk or move and in a terrible state that have showed us he want to live
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– Henry were rescued around 3 weeks ago, unable to walk or move and in a terrible state. We noticed a swollen wound on the side of his skull, most probably caused by a trauma from a heavy object, and that’s most probably the reason why he couldn’t walk.
He have showed us he want to live and is making progress daily.

When he came to us, he was unable to walk, eat and drink by himself. We suspected distemper, but it was negative.
We worked with him daily and after a few weeks he was able to stand up and later on, also walk. He is so sweet, and jumps up and down, when he sees someone he likes. Here almost standing up by himself.

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  1. Que asco de personaje hace daño a un pobre animal indefenso ay que denunciar jentuza sin corazón pibrecito gracias por ayudarle basta de maltrato animallllllllllllllllllññññ

  2. OMG , amazing ? ??… THANK YOU SOO MUCH for your unconditional love and support for this and every rescue .U have done a great job … Love you Animal Rescue and lots of love for u little baby God is with you through these beautiful people

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