Rescue Homeless Dog Meet Tragic Accident Make Cut Two Legs & Amazing Transformation

Rescue Homeless Dog Meet Tragic Accident Make Cut Two Legs & Amazing Transformation
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Rescue Homeless Dog Meet Tragic Accident Make Cut Two Legs & Amazing Transformation

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This is a homeless dog
She met a tragic accident while looking for food
A truck crushed her front legs and left, leaving her alone on the deserted road
When I met her, her legs were completely rotten
I can’t imagine how much pain she suffered
She is a very powerful warrior …
I named her MIRACLES
I did not hesitate to take her to the veterinary clinic
After the examination, the doctors of the clinic remove two legs to save her life
The surgery was successful
MIRACLES was able to eat
MIRACLES is friendly and having fun with her new home
MIRACLES was truly happy even though her legs were gone
After 20 days, the doctors removed the bandages on her legs
MIRACLES can trust people again …
Today, MIRACLES is very confident and sweet
We were so happy for MIRACLES


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  1. I can’t imagine how much pain she must have endured!! How can anyone leave an animal in such critical condition? Poor sweetie!! Thank you for saving this precious pup!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. God bless you???? Guys you are so good peoples and Guys your work is really important and Thanks Guys for saving dog and I love you so much????????????????????????☘️☘️☘️???

  3. ขอบคุณที่ช่วยน้องนะคะ น้องได้ชีวิตใหม่ที่ดีและมีความสุข เห็นแล้วยิ้มตามเลย ต่อจากนี้ขอให้น้องและผู้เมตตามีแต่ความสุขตลอดไปนะคะ ??❤️??

  4. I cried when i saw her front legs ohh my god I know they have punishment come thier life i in counter man hit and run the cat after 3 days he get accident his motorcycle hahaha funny is good for him

  5. Merece el peor de los castigos aquellos que abusaron de esta criatura indefensa ??? es terrible y abominable la crueldad animal…. apoyen con donativos, con lo que puedan ,a estas nobles organizaciónes para cumplir a cabalidad su misión …"el bienestar y restauración de los que no tienen voz."….que la generosidad y la compassion ?? inunde nuestros corazones ?????

  6. Hmmmm…Stray Paws – all these "cut off legs"…sounds a bit suspicious to me – are you sure you "found " this dog like this? Seems to be alot of these "cut legs" cases…still not convinced you people are legitimate – prove me wrong…..

  7. Слов не хватает как жалко несчастную Собачку?
    Слёзы льются. ..от увиденного?
    Но Радостно от того что её нашли и помогли подметили накормили обогрева дали чуточку своей любви и милой замечательной собачки пусть обретет дом и любящих её хозяев-родителей??????❤???
    А спасателем Счастья огромного???за добрые Сердца

  8. Poor sweet little soul, my hats off to all of those caring enough to save her life. You are real heroes! I hope she is treated like a princess for the rest of her special little life.

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