Real Ghost caught on video | Scary ghost captured on camera | Ghost sighting

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**Please RATE/FAVE/SHARE** WARNING: FREAKY VIDEO. This footage was captured while I was preparing for a tutorial video. After replaying the tape something was seen moving across the floor. This thing made no noise even though it was just across the hall. Decide in your own mind what you think this may have been.

Halloween is not far away! Looking forward to celebrating halloween and dressing up in my own horror outfit. Not sure if I will participate in trick or treat, though there is bound to be a Halloween Party!


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  1. i have seen a real ghost before but the ghost i saw  was whery dark i olny saw the shape of the head an schoulder but too  bad i was too scared to pick up my camera but i got proof on my channel that i saw a orb  from a ghost  its real no special effects  but  not scary just some orb that fly around my rooms

  2. Just Because somthing is or might be fake,doesnt mean is gay and I hear Pickle-Heads like you calling things that arent gay but yet calling it gay! People like that piss me off!

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