Baby Arctic foxes and other European animals | Top 5 | BBC Earth

Baby Arctic foxes and other European animals | Top 5 | BBC Earth
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Traverse the rocky cliffs of Iceland to the Scottish wilderness with us as we count down our favourite European animals!

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  1. Predators keep the prey under population control, while prey amounts keep the predator populations in check, but it takes them all to keep a healthy ecosystem. Each has a purpose in spreading seeds, and vegetation.

  2. Regarding the wolves:
    I was very concerned when the caption on this clip read "Terrifying wolf bites Steve"..
    pack instinct + bite + blood = bloodlust frenzy
    Imagine a dozen or more organized, thick-skinned, miniature berserker warriors attacking everything that moves in the area.

  3. It's funny how the majority of the comments here are about who can come up with the cleverest idea about the "dorky squirrels", and hardly any of them are about the problem that in the final speech of this video.

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