Flying to IRAN for STREET FOOD!!! In the COCKPIT!!! Never Seen Before!!!

Flying to IRAN for STREET FOOD!!! In the COCKPIT!!! Never Seen Before!!!
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Flying to IRAN for STREET FOOD!!! In the COCKPIT!!!
Thank you Mahan Air for flying us to Iran! Thank you Mr. Taster and Ali from

Today, we’re traveling to Iran for street food! Iran has some of the best street food around the world, and today, we’re flying in direct with Mahan Air to Tehran, Iran to meet up with our friend Mr.Taster! He is bringing us for tons of Iranian street food in Tehran! Get ready for some of the BEST Street food in Iran in our Iran Food Tour ADVENTURE!!! Persian food is famous around the world, so we flew in DIRECT to try it, AND we got to fly in the COCKPIT!!!

This was the most satisfying feeling to sit in the cockpit and chat with the pilots while Traveling to Iran for street food! This is part 1 of 9 our ULTIMATE street food tour of Iran, get ready for the series of a LIFETIME!!!

After landing in Tehran, Mr. Taster is bringing us for some EXTREME Iranian street food, including the Kaleh Pacheh Lamb head stew filled with saffron and Persian spices! Found at Shire khoda at Hashemi Junction, Ghasre Dasht, Tehran, Iran!

Then, he’s bringing us for a MASSIVE Iranian FEAST including some of the BEST BBQ Kababs in the world, the KOOBIDEH lamb kababs! Found at the Iranian restaurant Chelokebab Raftari
Address: Bamland Shopping Mall, South Kashan, West Hemat, Tehran, Iran

Thanks a lot for watching these Iranian street food tour videos! Iran Tourism has huge potential, the people are so friendly and I truly believe that it was a good choice to come to Iran travel!


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  1. HUGE THANKS to Mahan Air for flying us out to IRAN!!! We’re bringing you for the best food in Iran on this amazing 9 video series in Iran!! Thanks so much to Mr.Taster for showing us all this amazing food! Go follow him now! And thanks to Ali from for helping organise and put together this amazing trip! Please leave us a comment down below! We would love to hear from you! And you can follow me on Insta too at thanks so much!! Make sure to click the bell button as well so you don’t miss any of these videos from our Iran series as they come out every Wednesday and Saturday at 10pm China Time, 6am PST time!!

  2. Anywhere else in the world, but perhaps Iran or some other small and foolish airline would allow any passenger into the cockpit mid flight. International flight standard would normally forbid this.

  3. Ummmm, did someone pay you (sponsor) to do the IRAN episodes. They look too similar to another reviewer's videos. Iran really needs a good PR currently!!!!!

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