After living in the park for over a year, HAPPY was happy to be rescued.

After living in the park for over a year, HAPPY was happy to be rescued.
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Your donations are making so many animals happy because you’re helping us change their lives. If you didn’t join us as a member yet, you can do it here with a donation of any size:

We can make Happy even happier by sharing his video – this will help him find a loving forever home 🙂

To apply to adopt him, please contact our friends at Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue:

If you know and love the song Happier by #Marshmello – you can listen to it here:

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  1. Theirs not only hope for paws thiers hope for HUMANITY
    I live on a fixed income but just as soon as i get my money rite I'm so donating to you guys

  2. it's crazy to me how relaxed and enjoyable these strays are when they are getting a bath….Mine are always trying to escape the tub….maybe i'm not doing it right?

  3. Who sees a dog living in a park in that condition and just leaves them, for a year ??‍♀️ Thank goodness you guys are there for them ❤️❤️

  4. may god blessed u all.. im so happy.. i cried every times i watch your videos…. if i could be able to donate some money i would be really happy but i live in india its kinda hard… pls can u send me a link to donate some

  5. Bless you Happy I'm Happy for you I'm so happy you are not alone anymore and like so many other Dog's saved from being on the street's by these terrific Human Being's. You now have a brilliant future ahead Amenxxx

  6. The nit wit ppl watch HOPE FOR PAWS on TV but had zero interest in calling them to help a dog in need!? It baffles my mind knowing how many came to the park over a yr span and left him all by himself.??

  7. Why didn't anyone do something sooner? If I knew that poor dog was there for that long I would have taken it somewhere for help. To sit there and just feed it scraps and walk away is disgusting!

  8. My first dog, a poodle, was named Happy. So great to watch these videos. I love every dog but the poodle ones just hit close to home. Thank you guys for everything you do

  9. Looks like I gotta make a trip to CA & drive around looking for a scruffy pup in need!
    Could be the only way I get another one!
    May be heading to my old stomping grounds in NV over the next few mos.
    Wonder if I gave Hope for Paws a call when there, I could get one of their scruffy rescues!
    Never seen so many as what seems to be an overload of them in CA.
    Mind Boggling. No spay/neuter, chips & just dumped. :/ Unbelievable.

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