148-Pound German Shepherd Loses Over 40 Pounds | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

148-Pound German Shepherd Loses Over 40 Pounds | Ruff Life With Lee Asher
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Tony the German shepherd was in bad shape and weighed 148 pounds when Lee Asher rescued him from a shelter. Watch Tony go hiking, swimming and running for the first time and lose over 40 pounds — and make his dad SO proud.

For more of Lee Asher and his pups, you can check them out on YouTube: https://thedo.do/leeasheryt, Instagram: http://thedo.do/asher and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAsherHouse/.

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  1. Dude, the dog is still fat. He could stand to lose another 20 or 30 pounds. Does he seriously think that dog is at an okay weight? Feed the dog less. What is with these rescue people and fat dogs? It seems like rescue people all have fat dogs. The dog is no longer morbidly obese, but he is still obese. Also, you can hear hoe hard the poor dog is breathing. His teeth are disgusting. Kibble fed, no doubt. Idiot gives him a fucking ice cream cone. By the way, neutering your dogs will make them fat. Common sense doesn't exist in the rescue world.

  2. Dude, that Shepherd still needs to lose 25 pounds., I have a 6 and a half year old male and he's about 40 kilos and no other dog has his endurance at the dog park when it comes to chasing balls or swimming. He's on a raw food diet of about 2 pounds a day, The boy is solid muscle.

  3. You shouldnt make a overweight dog run or jump for excersice. Diet, walks and swimming is the best for Tony. Him running with Tony across the bridge looked absolutely horrible. Tony had trouble just trotting…. looked like he was in pain and shouldnt have been running/trotting. That dude films his own face more than the dogs. Adoption is great, but you gotta have some common sense too.

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