Iraq firefight in which US navy seal died reveals intensity of battle

Iraq firefight in which US navy seal died reveals intensity of battle
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The Guardian has obtained footage from the firefight in northern Iraq between US elite forces and the Islamic State in which a Navy Seal was killed on Tuesday.
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The footage shows US and Kurdish forces firing on militants near the town of Tel Osqof. US Navy Seal Charles Keating IV was killed in the fighting, becoming the third US casualty of the latest war in Iraq.

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  1. Can someone tell me how come I've always been told by manuals veterans professional trainers etc that you always push through an ambush but this is the 3rd video one being the Nigerian video were a group of special forces are ambushed on a road are on the open but dismount and engage from that position? I'm not Monday night QB this but it seems everytime a SF it's because they stopped in the open during an.ambush…

  2. I'm so sorry to the family that lost their son, father, or fiance in this terrible firefight. I hope the enemy was taken out when the Seal was killed. I do know that only the toughest make it through the course and earn the title of being a Seal. Strong, only the best of the best, are able to endure what's required to have earned the title of being a Seal. I hope, and know, that his soul is resting in peace. Most likely, he's watching over all of you to stay safe so you will be able to greet your loved one's
    ❤ Be careful out there ❤

  3. I think there is nothing to be proud about dying in a pointless war that its not even yours, give your prayers to the mother that lost her son to silly patriotism

  4. 0:48 the sweet sound of here we come.

    The M249 is a beautiful girl wrapped around my hands.
    I carry her close in battle.
    She’s true.

    My lovely Inez, I know your out there in another soldiers hands right now. Laying down that sweet rain of death.

  5. Sorry for your loss seals…a true warrior fallen doing what he does best…more fire control was needed on those guys firing over the walls though, wasting ammo like that and not effective at all, r.i.p sir.

  6. When white boots invade they call there enemies that fight them back a terrorist.. When they took the land they said they are rebuilding it.. A land that already on peace and built without there presence.

  7. If these men were free to go and kill the enemy as they feel necessary there would be a lot less American casualties and if they didn't have to bring along the local military forces and try to keep them from getting killed at the same time there would also be a lot less American casualties

  8. Whats the point of the video. I thought what the seals did were classified and blah blah blah. Is this how they keep a secret? Nothing but a bunch of boys who wants fame and praises

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