Planet Earth II Hans Zimmer Soundtrack 360° | BBC Earth

Planet Earth II Hans Zimmer Soundtrack 360° | BBC Earth
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Immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Planet Earth II with beautiful ambisonics and 360° visuals. Planet Earth II coming soon!

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  1. This piece is from the track titled, "We Are the Designers", the second-to-last track on Disc 2 of the soundtrack album. It was featured in the closing scenes of the final episode where Sir David narrated examples of cities integrating greenery in them — Milan and Singapore. The piece was composed by Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe in collaboration with Hans Zimmer.

  2. Dear BBC earth I have loved and witnessed so many of your documentaries and I been inspired, inspired to learn venture and I am only 13 your inspiration is breathe taking. your one and only David Attenborough is a slice of nature that will forever live on in the not only scientific world but in science lovers hearts. I am only just starting my life and feel there is so much to discover and I know I am only small but, I feel I can make a massive difference to uncover the unexplored pats of the world and to know that all is being preserved in your documentaries. I know it is hard for you to take me or anyone seriously but, would you be able to give me a chance to see behind the cameras and the amazing people behind what I look up to. I look up to the people behind science and I feel I would benefit greatly and my school would benefit by a visit from BBC earth and the people behind it. From Max McFarlane

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