Our 9000th Animal Rescued

Our 9000th Animal Rescued
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We recently reached a major milestone: rescuing our 9,000th animal. It’s fitting that our Airteam and Landteam joined forces for this mission, which helped 30 guinea pigs and 6 rats find salvation from inhumane conditions.

PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Rebecca Mihalcik first flew to Philadelphia, where these animals were waiting with the Montgomery County SPCA – PA. These poor animals part of a group of 240 seized by authorities. All of them were living in deplorable conditions in a house where they roamed free of cages. Cats, dogs, snakes, turtles, pigs… it was a menagerie of animals all living in squalor.

With all 36 loaded, including one very pregnant guinea pig, Jonathan and Rebecca flew back to Pittsburgh where PAART Landpilots Tim Bouvy and Sue Nazarchuk were waiting in the Landplane to take them all to Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue in New Kensington, PA. Two teams, air and land, all worked together to help give hope and a second chance to all animals.

This mission is done in honor of the brave men and women who have given their time, their blood, their sweat, and even their lives to our country. While we all may differ in our politics and opinions, without these brave Americans none of these conversations could even take place. Happy Veterans Day to all of the men and woman who have served.


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