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  1. Well if it is paronormal then honestly looks like it is strocking the babys face . Not trying to hurt it . Now it would be creeepy if the abby all of the sudden out of deep sleep started blood curtling

  2. That isn't an artefact I've ever seen on any video, much less a baby monitor. I don't think it is a visual artefact, but may be something else entirely. idk what it is.

  3. Okay its nots webs or dust its something else creepier.
    For you're baby sake please have him sleep in You're room and have the house blessed or back track the house history. Cause the similar thing happened but it was a voice and a conversation with my cousin when she was about that age of you're son. Our grandmother passed away 3 days before and we definitely heard her voice. Cant explain it wish it was interference but you cannot fake what we all heard.

  4. Clean your lens for starters. It seems to be caught in the center and swings around clumsily, reminds me of a spider web. I'm all about spirit orbs and ghosts, otherwise I wouldn't be watching this but be sure it's not a spider or web or even some lint stuck on the lens. Maybe when you opened the door, it blew off the lens.

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