Dolphin reunited with family who rescued ailing animal

Dolphin reunited with family who rescued ailing animal
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Six months after rescuing a baby dolphin, a Florida family reunites with the rehabilitating animal at Sea World.

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  1. people are stupid saying dogs are mans best friend that's bullshit dolphins are mans best friend they risk their lives and die trying to help us your smelly pooping dog wouldn't do shit  just bark wish I could take a dolphin home

  2. This isn't a good story. Dolphins aren't meant to be in captivity. Check out The Cove, it's a documentary that talks about this in great detail. SeaWorld may seem like a friendly organization, but it has drastic consequences.

  3. I'm sorry Family… He loves You… Your going to have to be with him for life… If Not he will go into depression… The Dolphin has a brain about the same size as Humans… In a Nut Shell. You're his family now…

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