5 Scariest Things Caught On Doorbell Cameras

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Top 5 SCARY videos of strange and creepy things caught on Ring doorbell cameras. Truly scary things right outside your door!

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  1. 5:50 I thought that was a body figure that teleported outta no where from such a far distance he could see its whole body head to toe walking to the house. Until Nuke said "it looks almost as if some shapeless white face is pressed to the window for a closer look inside. AND THEN I WAS LIKE "OH HELL NO!

  2. idk how rings even actually work but anytime youve got like a wireless or bluetooth or internet connected thing and its playing weird voices or noises then it could be someone doing a prank by connecting to it from their phone or computer etc. like how so many baby monitor and IP camera things are just ppl doing a joke or trying to freak someone out

  3. You know all the creeps out there who have done shit like this, come on here to see if they're actually ever caught LOL like the smiley mask guy " oh I was just pleasantly walking the neighborhood at night and was just in for a good murder. but your door was locked! Every burglars deterrent"! XD

  4. The trick or treater seems like a mentally disabled person. That woman in white walking seems like someone taking their dog out to poop in their housecoat. LOL!

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