Rescue sick dog, hit by a car living in garbage dumped – Happy Ending

Rescue sick dog, hit by a car living in garbage dumped - Happy Ending
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Rescue sick dog, hit by a car living in garbage dumped – Happy Ending

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Today, a lady told me about a sick dog, hit by a car maybe, living in horrible conditions in the part of the city where garbage is dumped. On the mountains of trash are living a lot of dogs, and people, in horror conditions…
We found him in the back of a yard, and he refuse to move. We took him to the emergency clinic where he is now for 2 hours, receiving perfusions and vitamins. He is skinny and walking strangely, also his tongue gets out of the mouth only through the left side of his mouth, so the vets told us he must have suffered a cerebral vascular accident in the past.
He also has few wounds, probably from other dogs….
I cannot afford to take him to the private shelter and pay 40 euro more every month, but I cannot either bring him back :'( i have to pay his treatment and transport too, at least 40-50 more euro (x-rays are recommended too), buy antibiotics treatment…


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  1. Bruno may be an old dog, but HE can still teach us about determination and how to LOVE.. GOD'S BLESSINGS UPON ALL WHO ENDEAVORED to give Him LOVE and HOPE.

  2. Thank you very much for saving and helping this beautiful dog. Wish him a quick recovery and a long healthy and happy life. All the best for you, this dog and all the animals. God bless you all

  3. Bravi x averlo curato e amato come si merita grazie per tutto quello che fate x lui ciao piccolo buona vita amore grazie siete delle persone fantastiche ciao!!?????❤??????❤

  4. God bless you,love..stay happy and protected by God's grace..thank you to all who helped him..God speed..sending love from the ??

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