Bilbo the Lifeguard Dog | Extraordinary Animals | Series 2 | Earth

Bilbo the Lifeguard Dog | Extraordinary Animals | Series 2 | Earth
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Bilbo the Newfoundland dog, is more than just an ordinary dog. He’s a lifeguard. Here, his master Steve explains what makes Bilbo such an excellent swimmer.

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  1. The Newfoundland is actually a direct descendant to the extinct St. John’s Water Dog, which would be bred with other dogs to create the entire retriever group of breeds. In fact the St John’s Water Dog was also known as the lesser Newfoundland until it’s final years in the 70s.

  2. How far is this Dog capable of "water- towing" a human to safety ? There has to be a limit in distance that this animal is capable of and the gross weight it can actually pull ? I'd like to know TY

  3. Read up sometime about Gander. He was a mascot for a Canadian regiment that fought against the Japanese in Hong Kong. Gander fought next to his regiment, guarding the wounded, driving off Japanese and saving many lives. The Japanese thought he was a bear that the Canadians had trained. He died when he picked up a grenade that had landed near his men and ran with it away from his men.

  4. I just read the book about bilbos life. It was amazing! Very sad at somepoints but probably the best book I ever read. It made me love bilbo even more (if that was possible)

  5. A bit random but you know what blows my mind? Other then obviously the Dog being a hero… I don't think I seen Bilbo panting once in this video? I mean we're talking about a DOUBLE coated dog, in summer, on the beach, swimming with a human attached to him and he comes up on the beach and is just chilling. I see hairless dogs panting from walking down the street . What an athlete.

  6. Bilbo's swimming action is actually a very energy saving one; a modified breast stroke where all 4 legs move in a down and out motion. Compare this to the front crawl which is the standard stroke used by lifeguards, to get to a casualty quickly. The crawl uses far more energy, especially when towing a swimmer to safety as the arms are swung in a forward motion out of the water, whilst at the same time kicking with straight legs to propel yourself forwards.

  7. Oh how wonderful. These lovely gentle giants are also used by helicopter sea rescue teams in Europe. Kind, patient and clever, they are the perfect lifeguards.

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