5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : SHADOW PEOPLE

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In this Top 5 video, we countdown the scariest videos of shadow people caught on tape. Are these beings ghosts caught on camera? Or something worse? You decide.

Featuring never before seen stories of ghosts and scary things as told by the people who caught the shadow being on camera. Shadow people and entities caught on video by both regular people and ghost hunters – in haunted houses, abandoned places, and haunted houses. Shadow people are usually witnessed by people suffering from sleep paralysis, but these folks managed to capture some very scary video of their eerie haunting in real life. We investigate to discover if some of these bizarre and creepy urbex encounters are real or fake.

Like this Nuke’s Top 5 list ? Then maybe check out these othe lists – Ghost Caught On Camera? : 5 SHADOW PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnDL_gKQKkM

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  1. Thanks for the mention. To this day I keep that video on my PC to show to people but like I said and like you also said in the video I have never seen it again….

    Sorry for the swearing, I'm Scottish so it's basically our job to swear in every sentence haha. I was also quite a bit younger …??

  2. Shadow people i think is real as i have an experience. I lived in a countryside where neighbours are half kilometer away and I saw a shadow being standing before me 30 mtrs away from me. It is also before night and as i am a near sighted, i had to squint if my eyes are just tricking me but it is still standing in front of me. Funny is after i went home, i brought a machete to my friends home hoping i might see it again and would slash it.

  3. Kent has me puzzled ….. dont know if i believe him…… cant comment on his video's…. and why does he run from the shadow people … he doesnt seem to be afraid of em …….

  4. In Ghosts of Carmel Main the guy records something jump from his window to the floor, it would have to be cgi if its fake but even then I doubt it is cgi it seems legit to me.

  5. Wars has happened everywhere,so has massacres and people have died EVERYWHERE!! So by your idiot logic ghosts should be everywhere!! USE YOUR BRAIN SOMETIMES!

  6. Not sure if I buy Kent's claims. He seems to catch way more than any well know investigator… The stuff hes claims to have caught is some of the best evidence ever if its legit!

  7. *Another Top 5 Scary Video*: "Why are we fascinated with the macabre? Humanity seems to have a fascination with-
    Me: Welp, let's go watch Nuke. At least he gets to the fuckin' point.

  8. Seriously – Kent of Ghosts of Carmel Maine, is the real deal. He has lots of videos with excellent evidence, one of the best channels out there!

  9. Bud, listen
    I am from the Czech republic and i want to tell ya that Tvtwixx are totally fake, they even threw a firecracker into a bus one time and film it for Christ's sake. That video is 100% fake.

  10. The last time I saw them was when I got out of prison after my 27th birthday. It came out of the floor like smoke and in the name of jesus christ I fought it. I won it dessloved into nothing. I never will stop till I find out what they truly are. They fear jesus christ they are terrified of that name

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