Woman With 2 Pit Bulls Takes A Chance On A Rescued Wolf Dog | The Dodo

Woman With 2 Pit Bulls Takes A Chance On A Rescued Wolf Dog | The Dodo
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Woman With 2 Pit Bulls Takes A Chance On A Rescued Wolf Dog | This woman already had two pitties when she met an abandoned wolf dog and fell in love ?

You can keep up with Sarah and all of her work with wolves on Instagram, wolf__guard: https://thedo.do/wolfguard. You can also check her out on YouTube: https://thedo.do/sarah.

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  1. you know what? i wouldnt care if my pup was a full wolf, half or none id still be a happy bug, cause guess what folks?
    DOGS ARE DESCENDANTS OF WOLVES!!!…..forgotten much comrades?

  2. This wolf dog has the perfect owner. Most people don't give regular dogs enough exercise. I met a woman with a border collie puppy. She had no idea they were so intelligent and needed constant learning. Yikes!

  3. I wish pets were only for the rich. Sometimes, it's a GOOD thing that only a small percentage of the population can have. Some things should not be freely available for everyone.

  4. I wanna know more about her backstory. The lady said she saw the dog on Instagram and then it got hit by a car and then someone specifically messaged her? Was this like someone who had an Instagram specifically for their wold dog and then as soon as it got out they were like “im out” and I wonder if they know how much wolf the wolf dog is. She’s super precious!

  5. Can someone explain to me bc I’m confused, is it a dog that looks more like a wolf or is it actually a wolf dog (half dog half wolf?). I don’t know the laws in other countries so I’m asking because I think that some other countries might allow them as pets..

  6. I would love to have a wolf dog but I wouldn’t breed it because you may never know what could happen but I see every animal who has a sweet soft side of u think of it

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