Top 10 Mysterious & Scariest Things Caught On CCTV Camera

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Top 10 Mysterious & Scariest Things Caught On CCTV Camera

It’s amazing what people catch on camera these days. Sometimes, you’re out minding your own business and you end up catching something fascinating on tape. Whether, it’s scary creatures, or strange mutant animals & sometimes mysterious things caught on camera. But sometimes people catch some very scary and unexplained things on their Cameras. In today’s video, we’ll count down Top 10 Mysterious & Scariest Things Caught On CCTV Camera | Most Unexplained Videos
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  1. WOW, the dude W/all the dogs! "RIDEON MAN" I guess he made it his life to help them, N that's Love! Cuz if this is a rotten world?
    It's only cuz we make it this way !!!

  2. I wish more than anything ever that there were more people out there that cared about animals like this guy God bless him wherever he came from he is an angel that is the best story I've ever seen as far as dog rescues go

  3. Amazing artist what do small figures of humans on canvas and the man who rescues dogs in Mexico it's so amazing that somebody loves animals and cares for them God bless them. ?

  4. Could you have possibly got a more annoying computerized voice for this video? Seriously, it's so bad, I muted the video just to watch it. Might think about finding a narrator, or doing it yourself.

  5. 99% of things like these very large dragon like creatures are projected Holograms the moisture and clouds made a perfect backdrop for it' Project Blue beam Holograms' The shadow Deep state Government are doing this as a precursor to the Fake Alien Invasion' coming to a state town country near you' they need to be stopped before the cause people to get hurt, but that's what they want death much of it'

  6. Now that there's CCTV everywhere you'd freak at what's captured by them. I'm having trouble believing the clip about the huge tentecled creature out at sea. That's CGI.

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