The Haunting Tape 30 (Ghost caught on video)

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This video documents more of the paranormal activity that has been happening. the real ghost girl is back in this video. I did not see her when I was recording but when the video was played back her ghostly figure can be seen in the video. I did record a few strange sounds (evp’s) in this video but I did hear them. I will list the sounds below

2:30 Sounds like a chorus of screams
2:45 foot steps


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About the Author: Mark Apsolon


  1. according to me ,that ghost looks fake. because till now she scaring you. and also till now that ghost girl would have been ruining everything of you or why don't you leave the house man you are scared too and we also man!!

  2. Remember how you said that she acted like she was afraid of the vile so it'd identity appear yet even though she's afraid of it all things related to her will apeere

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