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About 2:30 Wednesday morning a Greyhound Bus with 26 passengers were traveling from Dallas to Houston when the bus broke down in front of The Woodlands Mall in I-45 North. The driver of the bus activated the flashers and put reflective safety triangles on the shoulder behind the bus. Just after 5 am, as they waited for a replacement bus an Anheuser Busch 18-wheeler hauling Kroger bottled water which was southbound left the main lanes for unknown reasons. The truck struck the rear of the bus pushing it forward. It then deflected off of it and struck an overhead freeway sign, breaking it off of its steel structure. The driver of the truck was transported to the hospital in critical condition but has since been upgraded to stable. Five passengers were also transported to the hospital in stable condition. The 18-wheeler and bus pieces were scattered across the entire southbound lanes of the freeway prompting officials to close it. In addition South Montgomery County Fire stood by as the natural gas tank which powered the vehicle was leaking and could not be shut off due to the damage. DPS has since opened at least 3-lanes. HAZMAT International is on the scene for the cleanup which could take most of the day.


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  1. yeah I was one of those 21 passengers who were transported, our bus was going from Dallas to Houston we suppose to be in Houston greyhound station around 2:35 am, but there something wrong with our bus so our driver pulled over on the side in woodland around 2:30 am, we waited about 2 hours for a rescue bus and around 5am the semi 18 wheeler came out of nowhere just hit us and I think 5 of the older fellas on the bus have to go to hospital, I was fine but I was in shock bc I was shaking really bad, my chest still hurts rn but overall everything is aight, we finally left around 6:10am and got into Houston greyhound station around 6:50am

  2. Deputy: To the reporter just want you to know that any questions you ask me I can’t answer because it’s a on going investigation..with that being said are there any questions..lol. Seriously though, thanks Scott and glad there were no Fatalities.

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