Rescued Poor Wandering Dog, Leash Trapped in iron Nails of Foundation of house

Rescued Poor Wandering Dog, Leash Trapped in iron Nails of Foundation of house
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Video Credit sezarsanctuary
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  1. This guy runs a shelter, he means well and takes very good care of his dogs! Just wish he would use English subtitles! But he is a very good and kind man!!

  2. Jose luis Fco. M. Gutierrez Treviño
    Siempre que veo este programa de " Rescue An Abandone Dog " no existe idioma o nacionalidad para ayudar a cualquier animal y eso me reconforta en saber que todavia habemos seres humanos con sentimientos muy profundos. He dicho

  3. Este video no es de animal rescue, sino de Sezar sanctuary …y el animal fue dejado allí por su dueño, lo explica muy bien el dueño del Santuario, Hossein..y le recrimina al dueño por haberlo dejado allí abandono bajo el frío y la lluvia…no os marqueis goles que no merecéis.. animal rescue..???

  4. Did the dog get trapped by itself or was he left there on purpose, out of sight just to die alone with no hope of survival at all ?? I´m happy he´s rescued and will be safe and well treated for the rest of his life…….Dogs are a blessing to humans and should always be treated as such………..thank you for giving the poor dog warmth and care.

  5. I'm Love this video so much you so much heard working peirson you getting rescue The poor baby is sooooooo much beautiful and sweet and cute you are so much angry I appreciate but until then take care of him and give him lots of happiness and love thanks again for your help t

  6. Jak można tak traktować zwierzątka które czują ból głód pragnienie oraz potrafią kochać i być wiernymi przyjaciółmi co za bestie bez serca bez rozumu i ogóle takie gady nie powinny chodzić po ziemi Wielkie podziękowania dla dobroczyńców i wybawcòw tych biednych małych zwierzątek jeszcze raz bardzo bardzo dziękuję miłego dnia pozdrawiam❤???❤??????????????????❤❤❤❤❤??????????

  7. Look for❗️ SEZAR sanctuary ❗️he is de real rescuer! THANK YOU HOESEIN?? There you can read what really happend. Bad People left de dog there?

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