Hunted Stray Cats Drool In Fear Waiting For Their Turn To Be Boiled (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP87

Hunted Stray Cats Drool In Fear Waiting For Their Turn To Be Boiled (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP87
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One day, 300 stray cats went missing at once.. Police finally arrested the culprit who’s been poaching stray cats and unveiled the horrible truth of how they were killed, and why they were sacrificed..



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  1. Crazy man.
    What if someone put u in box & didn't give u food for week…
    Yes they're stray cat… But u didn't hv right to treat them like this….
    Put him in jail…

  2. hunt this prick down and fucking kill him ;in egypt many years ago it was illegal to kill a feline even by accident so just fucking kill the scum bag ????????? and get him done with

  3. 今まで生きてきてこれ程までに怒りを感じたことはない!!!!!!!!!!!!

    絶対 この男はろくな死に方しない!!!!


  4. Part of me wants to watch just to know what happens…but would anyone be kind enough as to warn me what's in this video? Graphic content and such?

  5. What a piece of shit , show his face so they can find him and boil his ass alive see how he likes it.
    I have absolutely 0 sympathy for disgusting heartless monsters like him.
    If he can kill an animal and have 0 remorse than he will have 0 probably killing a human.
    So disturbing how they don't lock his ass away, he's going to do it again!

  6. Animales tan nobles de buen corazón que solo saben dar amor y cariño a nosotros los seres humanos… Y saber que existen personas tan horribles que los lastima ??y ellos no tienen Voz ni fuerza para defenderse ??muero de triste, al menos gracias a estas personas pudieron salvarse esos gatitos ???
    Que grato saber que existen personas muy muy buenas ?

  7. Hard to believe that a country that has given us Galaxy phones and QLED tv’s still believe such nonsense like eating certain animals heal your joints ??‍♂️

  8. This is just terrible, to eat a cat does not cure a thing in the human body, I guess some people need to go to school and learn about how the human body works! >:( GRRRR. That poacher should get the same fait that he gave the kittens FFS! >:( The poacher is not a human, it is a psychopath monster. What will be next he kills that easily! HUH! Humans? If he do not get death penalty lock him in a cellar for EVER and throw away the key for good and never ever let this thing out again! A good advcie to cat eaters get help from a shrink and acupuncture cures your body more than eating other beings.

  9. This actually makes me nauseous!
    Life in a prison would still be too lite a punishment for the people responsible for the taking of the lifes of these animals. That guy has to be dead inside !

  10. That’s so horrible, who would hurt such beautiful and amazing creatures , those poor cats , that’s just disgusting how these cats are treated, omg why this is so cruel, I love cats , I have 2 and if I found out my cat were being treated like this I wold beat the persons ass and send them to prison. Poor kitties I’m so glad there safe now. Thank you for saving them.

  11. This sicko is a serial killer like "Jack The Ripper " but he only targets poor defenceless stray cats. Theres a special place in hell reserved for this sicko.

  12. NO! WHAT? This is too much! Madness. The most horrifying thing I've ever seen! All those poor cats! It's so awful I can't even cry ???❌❌❌‼️
    Thank you for saving the cats that were still alive. Thank you ?

    Edit: "Cats are good for human health" – well yes, cats that are ALIVE ?‍♂️

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