Rescue The Poor Dog who Was Abused Near The Highway |Animal Rescue TV

Rescue The Poor Dog who Was Abused Near The Highway |Animal Rescue TV
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  1. Thank you angels for rescuing this baby from pain and suffering the monster who did this will rot in his grave but will die slow and painful death. Be blessed rescuers

  2. واقعا چطوزی میشه پاداش این خوبیها را داد بدون شک فقط خداوند میتونه پاداش بده مقام والای انسانیت بی شک برازنده شماست

  3. Thank you rescuers for helping him/her. The dog is better now than when he/she was found on the side of a road. he/she can stand up and move. Thanks and thanks again.

  4. How can anyone do this? These people should go to jail for this. Unbelievable
    Sick people and they will do this again if the police won't catch them. Jail for life!!!!
    People who hurt animals, hurt people too.

  5. How is it possible ??? To inflict this horrible injuries to a living, breathing dog ?? And WHY do people ignore or just pass by a dog in desperate need of help and do NOTHING ??? Are people that indifferent, stupid or just plain evil ???? The world needs more people like you, and so do the dogs !!! All the people who saw this dogs suffering and took no action to help SHAME on you !!!

  6. Ooo my God. Poor dog… The owner should be given a heafty fine for cruelty… In all countries heavy fines should be issued to anyone mistreating animals. !!!!

  7. Essa pessoa que fez isso não é ser humano é um satanás miserável ?.Muito obrigada por cuida deles que Deus abençoe vocês grandemente muita paz saúde muitos anos de vida ????????????????????

  8. Einfach nur traurig und total furchtbar, es muß ein heftiger Aufprall gewesen sein. Bei der Wunde die ist echt heftig schlimm, hoffe sehr das alles wieder gut wird. Hoffe er wird alles gut überstehen und richtig gesund werden. Danke für die Hilfe, der jenige der das getan hat hoffe ich die Gerechtigkeit wird bald zu dir kommen und du bezahlst dafür. ??????????????????????????️??????????????????

  9. Horrible acts of cruelty over in that country against animals ,God sees every thing you are doing and you will be accountable for the good and evil you have done while on the earth, so repent ask God for forgiveness or face the flames

  10. How on earth can man live with himself after committing such horrific act on this beautiful animal. Evildoers will never find peace with themselves, some run mad while others commit suicide. Most of them ends up worst than our animals. Thank God this darling got the care he deserved. GOD bless.? all those who took care of him.?.

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