Incredible Elephant Rescue

Incredible Elephant Rescue
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For the first time ever, a group of endangered forest elephants were captured and rescued from certain death in Côte d’Ivoire. The rescue herded, darted, captured and trucked the elephants 300 miles to the protected area of Azagny National Park. Dubbed as an ‘impossible mission,’ the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) completed the operation in January 2014. For more info visit:


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  1. Awesome work.  I know we are down to just a few white rhinos on the whole Earth.  I am glad people are trying to round up elephants while there are still some  to round up and move them to where they can be looked after.  Can you believe these tusks and rhino horns are worth enough to some Asians that they will pay enough almost 1 million  dollars for them?   I was horrified to learn that 30,000 elephants were poached and killed for their tusks last year alone.  God bless you

  2. And when the elephant finally came across other elephants again, they thought she was crazy because she kept talking about being abducted by aliens

  3. I know that you are saving the elephants life and are protecting them but surely you could have moved all the family so they were together.It's a good thing saving them but its another when you separate them from their family.Please in future if you need to save an elephant then at least take the family over with them so they can still be together! I admire the reasons it is done for but also don't like the thought and the fact that the elephant is going to suffer with abandonment issues,being 300 miles away and not knowing the environment.Chances are,saving the elephant will possibly end up killing him/her through depression.

  4. Porque no los dejan ser libres?! Me da coraje que la gente haga esto! El necesita estar en su habitad natural, con su familia, y llegan estos y le disparan. Es increíble la humanidad de ahora.???

  5. You sure these are forest elephants? I mean they do seem smaller than bush elephants but they don't inhabit West Africa. As far as my knowledge goes they only live in Gabon, North DRC, North Congo, South Cameroon, that area. They don't roam Cote D'Ivore at all….
    But maybe I am wrong. Can someone say if I'm right or wrong?

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