"Ghost man" saves little girl's life – captured on CCTV

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A mysterious man, apparently moving at superhuman speed, snatches a little girl just in time before she gets hit by a vehicle and then immediately disappears into the dark of night. Real of fake?

Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v3o635-ghost-man-captured-on-cctv-saving-little-girl-crossing-road.html.

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  1. You will know it's fake by looking at the far far far adjacent street behind the crossing sign on the right. As the running man crosses with the girl, a car passes on the street far behind at an unusual speed, when the man stops, the car (or another car) on the street behind passes at normal speed.

  2. I can see before tragic happen s so I cry from my heart to save all lives Yes I feel spirit s on earth they are here for our final event as the Bible says and Torah and Koran were not in charge find your heart that is your home inside of each of us

  3. Its fast forwarded. If you look into far end of road you will see some lights of vehicles moving by. When guys rush to save her those lights also seem to move at tremendous speed and slows once he reach corner.

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