BMX Fail Compilation

BMX Fail Compilation
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We hope you enjoy this BMX fail compilation.
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Links of videos used in this compilation: GoPro Crash Luis Brethauer – 2014 UCI BMX WCHs – Rotterdam Defending Champ Liam Phillips Crashes out – 2014 BMC World Championships Mens Elite QF1 Favourites crash out – 2013 UCI BMX World Championships BMX Supercross Camera Crash Copenhagen BMX Cruiser Strombergs out at Semi Final Stage – 2014 BMX World Championships BMX bike fail MUST WATCH! Crazy Bmx crash Extreme Bmx Crash Jonathan Camacho Crash bmx cologne 2014 Joey Deluca aka Chet Death Bail BMX INSANE BMX CRASH SEIZURE: Please Wear A Helmet The Daily Grind Bmx Fails, Bails, and Extras BMX Fail SouthSide Very hard BMX fail (knockout) bmx fail Gamelle en BMX (BMX fail) GoPro HD: X Games 17 – BMX Big Air Crash with Chad Kagy BMX FAIL – What Happens When Your Forks Break Private Alley BMX Fail BMX Fail: Dude Breaks Leg Riding A Pool. bmx fail Joyride 150 BMX fail Loading Dock Bmx Fail Aaron Ross Empire Bmx Fail Bmx Fail/Stack Power Hour – Bmx Fail bmx fail Sean Burns BMX Stunt Fail Compilation EXTREME BACKFLIP BMX FAIL LEADS TO FRAME SNAP!! BMX Competition Front Flip Fail | Mall KO Fat kid BMX fail BMX Fail #FACEPLANT BMX Fail – Kinked Rail To Knock Out BmX- fail ! BMX fail 14 Bmx fail EPIC BMX FAIL!!!| FALLS DOWN GAP Epic bmx fail!! Funny BMX fail. Bmx fail

Intro / Outro Music:
Fast Talkin by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( ) .

Intro / Outro Sound Effects: toyoto mikala_oidua


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  1. This is why I ride with a helmet. Weather I’m riding street, park, or vert. Always put on a helmet. I understand when you’re around friends who peer pressure you and talk shit like helmets are for pu$$ys. F them! Wear a helmet! Don’t be stupid

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