Girl with Nine Rescue Dogs Loves Her Grumpy Faced Boy The Most | The Dodo

Girl with Nine Rescue Dogs Loves Her Grumpy Faced Boy The Most | The Dodo
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Happy Dog Has A Smile That Looks SO Grumpy | This girl has nine rescue dogs, and this grumpy-faced boy is her favorite. You can keep up with Dunkin, Kirby and all of their amazing adventures together on Instagram, dunkinandkirby:

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  1. If only people knew how to introduce their puppies to vacuums appropriately and they wouldn’t be scared. I first let my dog sniff it out without it being turned on then turned on but not using it and let her get used to the sound and then using it and showing her that it won’t hurt her by being careful and slow with it not to make it seem like it’s going after her and eventually my dog liked the vacuum. She now likes being around it whenever I vacuum. You can’t just turn it on and use it like nobody’s business when they’ve never seen it in their life!

  2. I technically also have 9 rescue dogs. 3 of them were from a shelter, 1 on the side of the road, and the rest were dropped off at our property [we own a ranch]. Last year, 4 puppies were dropped off at our wash, so we took all of them. unfortunately one didn't make it, but just about a month ago 2 more [younger] puppies were also dropped off, but this time in our driveway. we've rescued all of them and they're now in good places. we have 2 properties where they roam at, free to do almost whatever they want.

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