Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliffs With His Dad | The Dodo

Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliffs With His Dad | The Dodo
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Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliffs With His Dad | This guy was driving in the desert when he found a dog in the middle of the road. He had no idea that he had just found the most FEARLESS adventure buddy ever
— who was even down to jump off a cliff with his dad! For more of Paco’s adventures with his dad, check them out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/roadsidepaco, and on YouTube: http://thedo.do/chasepaco.

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  1. Best dog In THE WORLD! My Dog Is scared of Everything! I love this! It makes Me think of My VERY Old Dog That Died…. He was just like Paco…My Daughter and ME Used to do the Exact Same Thing With our old Dog! And He was Called Fudge! He LOVED Doing All that sort of stuff! But Bow weve got our New dog because ours died,Hes Scared Of FrEaKiNg EvErYtHiNg…. Your so lucky do have a DOG Just like Mine!

    I wish You Good luck Paco! And Your Dad!
    Good luck with The dog To you too!

  2. Paco is absolutely amazing
    He’s such a special dog and would do anything for you
    I understand that you have an amazing bond
    The reason I don’t like videos like this is because one day, the dog is gonna go… and seeing people with great bonds like this is just so upsetting cuz they will be heartbroken when he goes… atleast you have all the memories with him ?

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