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This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in 2013, but TED pulled their support when they learned about the subjects. Find more videos from this controversial event here:

Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring “remote viewing” – an apparent anomalous extended characteristic of the mind. Targ is convinced the effect is real.

Watch a new documentary about Russell Targ’s work here:

Russell’s book “The Reality of ESP” is available here:

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  1. No-one can see the future or no-one can see a object far far away. But mind reading is real. So people who could read mind can fool others .They could get an information from your mind and then make up stories about future so on. Thats why they hate when you feel or realize that they could read minds. Because the magic is gone so they can not pretend like they are spiritual so on..

  2. Of course , mind reading is real. Why we even talk about this.But there is no remote viewing or spirits so on… or intuives ,mediums. These people all can read minds and they fool you with all kinds of sugar coating.

  3. We do have an easy $1 million to anyone that can evidence this nonsense… and it seems the only people that apply for it are cranks, liars, or the delusional. Interesting isn't it?

  4. research mk ultra mind control, when you empty your mind you let demons in, just like yoga, demons love to tell the future, anyone's spirit can leave the body, but if your guided by a demon it will show you things ahead of our time because these demons are fallen angels, more intelligent than humans, theyre not aliens working with gov, they're demonic entities and they're working on a chip "mark of the beast" for people to easily be possessed by these entities, people will no longer have their own control over their thoughts and bodies, they will be consciously stuck like the movie get out. Christians will be put to death, but they will receive heaven and those with the mark will be in hell. thats all biblical but in the last days people will turn away from the gospel and believe lies.

  5. When you hear the term banned , and Ted talk . You know it is educational , and provocative. A very intriguing combination. Otherwise I enjoy banned books sometimes too. Ancient Greek banned books etc.

  6. A friend of mine was going to Las Vegas……I didn't know where he was staying or much about his trip.
    I got a flash of black 28.
    I have him $20 and said.." when you get a chance play this on black 28……he said okay. I layer found out that he was staying 4 days. When he got back I asked him if we won.
    He said he waited till the last day and knew he had to play the twenty. As he walked up to the table it hit black 28 but he had not gotten there fast enough to get in on that roll……
    It freaked him out.
    My grandma and aunts have this too. They would be in pain and my grandma would call them in the middle if the night 75 miles away and ask what was wrong……that particular night my aunt had hurt her back…….they had no talked in days.
    Another time I bought a box of cereal in the middle of the night at Wal Mart……. something I don't usually buy. I just left it out on the counter. My wife woke me up and asked me where the cereal came from….I said " I just got a whim to get it last night". She said…." I was craving it… did you know….we never buy this?"…….That has happened several times.

  7. I presume you have no fear God I'm not saying what you don't do isn't working or doesn't work but do you don't really have permission to do what you do by the Lord God Almighty

  8. Seeing that Ted Talk banned this made me want to watch it, plus the subject title since I read a book when I was really young called _The Girl With Silver Eyes_. Does anyone remember that book? I think that the girl in that book could move things or know things or something.

  9. I can do that viewing thing and it’s not local to earth either. Time is a construct and can be traveled thru in less than the twinkling of an eye. That’s fast. That’s instantaneous! There is so many venues in sight and local that the experiences are endless. Everyone somehow different and special in its delivery techniques .

  10. How can you describe the future when there is no future until it happens, therefore there is only the present as future (what will be) unfolds and what has already happened – the past or, the passed events. We can however make predictions from the information we have, or educated guesses if you will as predictions aren't always correct,.

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