Rescued lions having fun with pumpkins on Halloween

Rescued lions having fun with pumpkins on Halloween
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ENJOY these lions having a great Halloween at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. Almost all of these lions spent years in cages on trucks in Peru and Colombia – confined, abused and forced to perform demeaning tricks. But their spirit was never broken. Now they live as lions again in their natural homeland in ADI care. Now they have fun. Enrichment and treats like these are vital for keeping our rescued animals happy, stimulated and helping to give them back their lives. As you can see they love it. We gave out our pumpkins as the sun was going down, the day was getting cooler and lions in the wild would naturally be getting active. Our rescued lions kept playing into the night.

Will you help give this life to 18 tigers and lions rescued from circuses in Guatemala? If we can raise the funds quickly we can get them home for Christmas. Would you like to give them the gift of the sort of fun you can see in this video?

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  1. Bless you and them they look happy and care free. Circuses should be banned worldwide. Dark and ugly places.
    Lol at 1:31 too cute.
    I will try to donate. I've just moved in a new place so my budget is tight but I will as soon as I can 🙇‍♀️ Please everyone give even 5$ if you can.

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