Ragini MMS-2

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In the summer of 2011, a couple’s dirty weekend turned into their worst nightmare, as an MMS attempt of their most private moments goes horribly wrong.
Unimaginable and inexplicable things began to happen and they found themselves at the mercy of forces beyond the realm of understanding. This was the “Ragini MMS Scandal”.
Now, two years later, a young enthusiastic crew and an over-the-top film director revisit the farmhouse in a bid to make a film on this shocking yet sexy MMS scandal. The film top-lines adult star Sunny Leone, who plays herself in this ‘film within a film’.
As destiny would have it, the unassuming crew is led on to find the horrors that inhabit the house. As strange and creepy things begin to befall them, they realize there’s no return from here – THEY ARE TRAPPED!
The only way to escape is to destroy the evil spirits, for which they need to unearth the back story of the house, only to release a bigger, untold truth!
Ragini MMS 2, a sequel to the biggest sleeper hit of 2011, promises a thrilling cinematic experience, laced with chart-busting music, spooks and sensuousness.
Directed by Bhushan Patel (who directed the recent hit 1920 — The Evil Returns), Ragini MMS-2 is top-lined by the international sensation, Sunny Leone.


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