Fortnite Streamers SCARIEST MOMENTS! (Tfue, Ninja, Faze Adapt)

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Fortnite Streamers SCARIEST MOMENTS! (Tfue, Ninja, Faze Adapt) Which Scary moment caught on livestream & streamer was your favorite? Do you have any stories of your own?

Streamers & YouTubers In This Video:
FaZe Adapt

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Music provided by Chuki
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  1. hi goat i have had an operation just like ninja but retina didn’t detach mine had a scar behind it the operation helped though also i couldn’t see out of mine ether know i can but it’s annoying how my eyes are in even

  2. Bro I Did I Had 2 One Of Them Was Falling Off Top Of A Slide And Broke My Back Other Other Was Falling Off A Ladder And Falling Over And Smashing My Colour Bone And I Broke I Had To Wear A Plaster For 16 Months Lol I Still Have It On OOF And Getting Punched in The Colour Bone It's PaneFull Don't wanna Be You

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