Does The Megalodon Shark Still Live?

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The biggest Great White Shark ever discovered and reliably measured was a 20 foot (6.4 meter) long, 7,330 lb (3,320 kg) shark found off the waters of Cuba in 1945.

Yet even larger sharks have reportedly been caught: one in South Australia in 1870 measured at 36 feet (10.97 meters), and another measuring 37 feet (11.28 meters)
– though both have been dismissed by biologists due to the sheer size, claiming it’s impossible Great Whites could grow that big.

Yet what if those sharks caught were real and not just fish stories, and what if they weren’t necessarily Great Whites?

Hello, and welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show’s Greatest Mysteries- today we’re taking a look at the Megalodon shark and asking the question: does it still live?







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  1. to bad they cant find the body of one frozen in ice and take its dna, put it in a great white to have a hybrid that can grow large enough to give competition to the assumed to still be alive meg to get one to surface for survival sake. speaking of what happened to the mammoth scientists were gonna clone?

  2. I think there may still be megalodons swimming around. And, if i remember correctly, there isn't a definitive lifespan for great whites, only estimations of 70 years or longer. If i have it right, the great white is the most closely related to the megalodon, size being just about the only thing that separates them. Maybe each specimen could potentially live to be more than 100 years, maybe even 150-200. We don't know for sure. But it appears as if there is still the possibility of their continued survival.

  3. Even if it lived through the ice age, evolution is a very certain thing for his kin so I suppose megalodon will not be the same as it was thousands of years ago. So we may have already encountered his descendants

  4. There was an ancestor of whale who lived in the same time and was hunting even the megalodon.

    But, but megalodon, after realising that squids got themselves biggest penises in the world have died out never to return again.

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