225 Dreams of animals. Dreams about pets that have passed away, after death dog or cat dreams

225 Dreams of animals. Dreams about pets that have passed away, after death dog or cat dreams
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Dreams of animals. Dreams about pets that have passed away, after death dog or cat dreams of your deceased pet and a new pet, what does is all mean?. Intuitive medium and clairvoyant pet psychic Brent Atwater answers in today’s episode on her psychic show.
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  1. I had to put my dog down, a few days after Christmas 2018. I recently had a dream about my deceased dog, When I felt him in my dream, he felt soo real. Me, aunt and uncle gave him lovings and petted him he looked very happy mouth opened wide and everything. In my dream, I knew he was deceased, a few minutes passed in my dream and he was gone. I started a new book today, within' page 2, the book had a dog named Bear, my deceased dog's name was Bear Bear, I couldn't help but cry after these moments.

  2. Thank you! I've had such a hard time with the loss of my first dog. She was like my first child. She was like my daughter's sister and our puppy's mother. I've been dreaming about her alot lately and sometimes with the puppy that we still have. This really helped me know she's at peace and she knows we still love her so!

  3. Omg, I had this dream! I rescued a puppy a few months ago and after several attempts to get him adopted failed, I brought him to my parents’ home. Here in this house, sleeping in my old bed with my puppy, I dreamt of my deceased pets from ten years ago…they were in the same space as the new puppy, we were all on the terrace with a full moon and my old pets looked content, swathed in blankets and leaning against their pillows…although I particularly wanted one of them (a female Doberman) to meet the puppy, she didn’t and instead just sat right next to me…thank you so much for explaining this dream, it was very comforting 🙂

  4. Why do I dream just about my old dog bc it been years since we lost him 2014 and we had a new dog like 2 years ago but didn’t dream about my new dog I only dream about my old dog

  5. I dreamt of my deceased cats. In my dreams of them they are always hungry. And I look through my cupboard for a tin of cat food to feed them. Or I go to the shops to buy cat food to bring back to feed them. What does these dreams mean?

  6. So like 6-7 months ago my most favorite dog Paisley died. She meant so much to me and when she died I broke down. I kind of went into a depression for a couple months and it was really bad. Just last night I had a dream about her and I saw her laying in this beautiful garden looking so happy and I ran up to her and she looked at me and I cried because I was so happy. Long story short I woke up and was upset because it wasn’t real. And I am scared to get another dog because it will just remind me of what I lost. Ooof this is really embarrassing sorry😂😂

  7. My mother dreamt of our deceased dog but, when she went to collect him he was a different breed of dog (he's been gone for many years now and this was the first time she dreamt about him since.)

    What does it mean please?

  8. I accidentally ran over my beautiful Tibetan spaniel on Christmas Eve in 2018 and my heart is broken beyond belief. He is only 11 and deserved to live much longer. How can I deal with this grief? It is unbearable.

  9. My dear Mardy passed away two weeks ago, while I am away at school. Last night I had a dream that I finally received his ashes and he was there but appeared younger and was so much joyful and youthful. I'm not exactly sure what it means. My friend appeared in the dream as well and could see him just as he was alive.

  10. I've yet to find what my dream means. My dog bubba died in 2010. I dreamt I bought an old fixer upper farm house and my papaw(died in 09) was helping work on it while I was away for a few days. When I got back, my cousin(she died in 2012) told me bubba was dead. I cried "no my baby is gone, my baby boy" and the sound of my own voice woke me up crying, hands over my eyes drenched in tears. My 2 dead relatives were the only ppl in my dream.

  11. Hi I have dreams of all my pets but at different times but the only one that bothers me is my last pet Pepper she was a black toy poodle and was almost 18 years old ,she had a seizure at the end of her life . I dream of her stuck in a hole and I'm trying to get her out and I'm crying my poor fur baby and that's how my dream ends . It's so emotional what does it mean?

  12. I have been dreaming about my deceased cat here that you see in this picture please tell me why . I took him in when he was only a week old this November will be a yr since his pass (20 yrs plus)

  13. After my pet CherryBlossom passed away August 21 2018 9:46 pm ,the next night I dreamt I was reading a book of our life together and then it shut and bright light like a butterfly flew out of the book.. 🦋

  14. My Athame (cat) transitioned on 7-28-2018 at only 4 years of age. On 8-16-18, I had 2 consecutive dreams of her. 1st dream: Her sickly body walked slowly into the kitchen behind closed doors to die alone (in real life I was with her when she crossed over). "Nanoseconds" later, the door opened and about 11 kitties (random colors and breeds) rushed out to greet me. That is how I've always imagined heaven… with puppies, too. It was like Athame was saying "Here you go Carrie! Pick one." 2nd dream: We were face to face. I hugged her. She got down, walked away, turned around and said "Bye." I know how special and clear her messages are. I miss you so much Kitty. ❤️

  15. I keep dreaming about my cat Pepper being with me still, but then losing her all over again. The last dream she was throwing up, which wasn’t the symptom that had us take her to the vet, which was heavy breathing, only to end up making the very hard decision to put her down when we found out she had heart failure. We knew she wasn’t going to fight through it and I didn’t want to risk her being in any pain. I couldn’t let her pee herself on the dialectics they prescribed her, and have her be uncomfortable for the rest of her days while I tried to get the drug into her three times a day. There was also a huge risk of a clot where she would have been in excruciating pain. When I was told that I knew what I had to do, no matter how hard it was for me. My partner tried to convince me to leave because he knew that seeing her pass would break me, but I insisted of being there, for her. Anyway, in the dream, we euthanised her as we knew it was her time, but then she came back alive. I’ve assumed this means what you’ve said, that they don’t just die, they transition, and this is her way of telling me that’s what has happened. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to what happens after death, and the thoughts consume me at the best of times, so I think this is her way of helping me heal, so I can start to move forward in my life, because I’ve been kind of dormant since her passing in January. I’m trying for her, her brother and my partner who has been my support through all this.

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