Woman Is So Determined To Find Her Lost Cat | The Dodo

Woman Is So Determined To Find Her Lost Cat | The Dodo
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Woman Is So Determined To Find Her Lost Cat | When this woman lost her cat, she was SO determined to find him 🐱🐱🐱

Special thanks to Chantelle and Aaron for sharing Bane’s story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: http://thedo.do/submit.

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  1. I wish that one day I get to find my dog he is lost I don't know where he is every time when I talk about him I get sad/emotional and start to remember time when he helped me be happy I'm giving up and its make me really sad/emotional to know that he is not there any more it stills takes me a while to process that I don't get to see him and to say something that I don't wanna say but rest in peace if ur still alive I hope u are with a amazing family that is taking good care ab u and i will never forget him I'm sorry if I don't make sense

  2. Everyone else the cat is like, "leave me alone hoomans." But totally Meows seeing his Mom: "Hey mom, I got lost! I'm hungry! I miss you! Pls Take me home!" Awwww!! Such a happy ending!!!

  3. All i got out of this Video is, Independant cat needed a break from its needy human only to be hunted down my a cat detective. Lets all take a minute for the poor cat.

  4. I adopted my girl after I left an abusive relationship. She means so much to me and, one day she fell out the window when the screen in her room unlatched. I came home from work early and, was bawling my eyes out. I had her for so long. I asked every where if anyone had seen her. She was wearing her custom made ID tag so I made sure I let everyone know about it. Well it was night and, my neighbor was getting ready for bed when he saw a big cat with the same gold tag jump his fence. So, he ran outside and, chased her into his shed. He came to get me early the next day. I burst into tears and, hugged him. It was her in the shed and, she came out as soon as she saw it was me. She hasn't left my side since and, we replaced the latch.

  5. I'm going to have a kitten or a young cat in 2020 and I hope I don't loose it because I don't want to be scared and all of us looking for him I hope that doesn't happen when we get him 🙁
    The ending also made me cry a little but then I stopped.
    YoU mAdE mE cRy ReEEeeeEeeeeEeeee 😂

  6. Cats have found their way home from thousands of miles away.. A 6 day adventure for an adult cat used to the outdoors is nothing. My friend has a 14 yr old tubby, and he sometimes goes out on two-three weeks adventures in the forest in the summers and then comes back as if nothing has happened. He's done it all his life and my friend is so used to it that she doesn't get worried since about 10 yrs back anymore. My friend lives out n the country side though, so it might make a difference due to that.

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