People Are awesome! The Best Of The Best

People Are awesome! The Best Of The Best
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People With amazing skill!

Non Of this videos are mine I just found best video on youtube and added them together

The Song is = Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)


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  1. OR u simply had 2 laces, detached from any shoe, in ur hand, sitting beside ur leg on the inside of ur pants lowered just enough to look like the alrdy tied laces on ur shoe that were hidden by ur long pants. that being an easy magic trick makes it a good contender for how u did it

  2. tied shoelace hidden under pants, extra shoelace hanging out with string going up pants sleeve, pull string, flick ankle, reveal tied shoelace, you aren't smart haha thats a beginners "magic" trick….

  3. i did not see anything fake except for basball one, that was a commercial, not sure on shoe laces, the rest are just awesome, even a few i did as achild in lesser scale

  4. Okay so you wouldn't mind to make another video would you… wear different shoes and I would like to see your hairy legs this time… just to prove it's possible.

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