Emergency Rescue Operation To Save A Baby Elephant

Emergency Rescue Operation To Save A Baby Elephant
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Video- Emergency Rescue Operation To Save A Baby Elephant

This baby elephant is ill and injured to stand up on its own feet to move towards the dense jungle. The older elephant is protecting this elephant from the strangers even though they are here to help. These are wildlife officers and experts that have arrived to take this elephant to a secure location in order to save its life. This operation is a risky one and requires them to scare the older wild elephant away in order to get to this young one. Watch the full footage and see how they managed to get phase one of this operation done.

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  1. Malheureusement ces gens n'ont aucune nation pour prendre soin de ce de ce petit éléphanteau perdre du temps le transportant sur le camion aucune disposition éprise sans savoir si il a une fracture sur le camion il ne lui mets pas une bâche contre le soleil ils font des efforts mais il y a beaucoup beaucoup de geste maladroit et perdre beaucoup de temps dans des discussions inutiles et nous savons jamais la suite de cette histoire et la maman la maman du petit téléphone Thomas a-t-elle retrouvé son bébé?….😭😭👎👎

  2. Saya pecinta binatang gajah,gmn tuh untuk kelanjutan penyembuhan ank gajah ini??kok blm selesai sdh abs tayang Vidio nya?apa kah nti ank gajah ini bisa bertemu lagi dngn induk nya?? Kalo tdk,sungguh amat menyiksa binatang Krn sdh memisahkan antara ank dan ibu nya,tlng jngn sampe pisahkan mereka berdua 2,😭😭😭

  3. Very nice thank you and please reunite the baby with the mother. She must be worrying so much. I can feel it because I myself is a mother. Thank you for the compensate job. May Lord Buddha bless you! 🙏

  4. අනේ පව් ඔයාලට ගොඩක් පින් පරිස්සමට මට නම් බයයි අල්ලා දෙවියන්ගේ පිහිටයි හැමෝටම 👌👌👌🙋🙋

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