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  1. When I was a kid I had a dog for a few years that was my absolute best friend. One morning before school I let him outside and he didn’t come back before the bus. When I came home from school he wasn’t home either. Six days later I was playing in the yard when he came walking up to me slowly, with his head down, gently wagging his tail. I dropped to my knees to pet him, but his white and tan fur was covered in blood. His neck was cut wide open from the top (back) of his neck all the way around to the bottom by his throat on his left side, and was spread open about 3” and It smelled. I kissed his head and my mother brought us straight to the vet. He spent 6 days in a Conibear trap, that my uncle had set. Three times over those days my uncle went there to find “Tramp” in the trap, and alive so in his words he “kicked him as hard as I could, and went back home”. On the sixth day however when he walked up to find Tramp still alive, he went to kick him, but Tramp stood up and wagged his tail. My uncle said “he released him figuring he’d never make it home” and he released Tramp from the trap around his neck. Once released Tramp licked his boot and walked away, back home, 1/4 through the woods. He lived through his ordeal, tubes in his neck, endless white pudding like infection cleaned out of his throat. Three or so years later that same uncle woke up for work one morning and Tramp was standing outside his house eating fish scraps he threw out the sliding glass door the night before. He went out side and hit Tramp over the head with a piece of fire wood, and left him on side the road on his way to work to make it look like he had been hit by a car. After school that day my neighbor Jerry T called me and said he had seen Tramp on side the road deceased and didn’t want me to find him like that so he buried him for me in a local sand pit. We all assumed that’s how Tramp died until years later while drunk my uncle confessed the entire set of circumstances to us at a party. I actually loaded a gun and walked half way to his house in a thundering rainstorm with horrible intentions until my then girlfriend shouted enough common sense into me that I turned around crying like a girl and walked back home. I married that girlfriend, and forgave that uncle. After all he put Tramp through in the trap, Tramp still didn’t fear him enough to run away, even it cost him his life. If dogs can have that kind of forgiveness and resilience why can’t I? My uncle is a Vietnam Veteran who’s seen, and done some things, but when I came home from Iraq, and struggled with my own Demons, he helped me, in many ways. If we can all be just slightly as forgiving and resilient as our Best Friends, think how great a world we will have. Love you Tramp, chipmunks await. Jerry, if you ever stumble across this, thank you, in more ways than one. God bless.

  2. That's awesome!!!! He is absolutely thankful of the officer's help, and has pledged complete loyalty, and wants to join his pack. The dog is a true brother in arms, which few will ever understand.

  3. Court red handed dog imma just put my self in Dog side I'm not used to sitting in the front but this do hurry up officers I need my one phone

  4. he was escaping the deaf lady and was ready to leave. he looked at the cop like hurry up before she comes let's go. but seriously hope he takes care of that dog for the rest of his years.

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