Crocodiles Brutally Ambush Zebras During Migration

Crocodiles Brutally Ambush Zebras During Migration
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Ravenous crocodiles swarm a defenceless zebra as it attempts to cross the treacherous Mara river. While working as a Safari Guide at Mara Intrepids Camp near the Masai Mara, Dennis Waweru Mbugua came across this horde of hungry crocs.

Videographer / director: Dennis Waweru Mbugua
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. It's easy for you to say that it was nature at it best because it was not one off your kind what if it was your child that have been taken by the croc how would you feel heartless stupid human what a shame

  2. Aposto que o governo desse país,preserve a natureza no é????por que não manda fazer uma cerca,pra esses animais,tão lindos passar????e ficar livre desses crocodilos,horríveis….

  3. If I was in that water with all those Crocs I would turn into the Hulk and Hulk Smash one at a time.they would regret trying to eat so much. The Hulk can rip the end shovel of a large bulldozer off in one of the episodes that's between 5 and 10 thousand pounds of Brut Pressure Force Boo Ya!

  4. Kinda wild. The zebras pretty much dashed back to the watering hole and began drinking as their comrade fights in the jaws of a monster. They knew the croc was preoccupied…

  5. The crocodile army attacked the much larger zebra army in a watery environment that favors them and only got one small zebra for all their efforts.

  6. I'm surprised that so many crocs surrounded one zebra, instead of some of those crocs going after their own lunch. There were plenty of other zebras crossing the river for all the crocs, or a pair of crocs, to have their own zebra for lunch.

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