An Educational Video About Monkey Sex | National Geographic

An Educational Video About Monkey Sex | National Geographic
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Gelada monkeys have adapted for a life spent mostly on the ground, which has produced unique aspects of their anatomy and society.
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An Educational Video About Monkey Sex | National Geographic

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  1. Did you know the Gelada monkey are also known as the bleeding-heart monkey? What do you think of this unique adaptation? Do you know any other animals that have adapted in a similar way?

  2. Gosh, National Geographic has really gone down same as the country itself. Arrogant and idiotic instead of smart compassionate intellectual types rule the day. We have a bunch of average to stupid rich people for it's all about propped up trumped up narcissists via nepotism and inheritances just like in old European aristocracy now instead of self made intelligent patriotic hard workers with solid values.

  3. If anyone has time to kill and wants to watch a great documentary, you need to check out 'The Greatest Story Never Told'. It's extremely well made and definitely an eye opener. It could very well be banned in your country, so look around for it, you won't be disappointed. 'Hellstorm' is another great one that should be mandatory viewing by all. You can thank me later, enjoy.

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