Tanzanian Mishkaki – Beef and Chicken Kebabs

Tanzanian Mishkaki - Beef and Chicken Kebabs
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Mishkaki is one of the best Tanzanian foods. Eat delicious mishkaki here: http://migrationology.com/2013/11/mishkaki-tanzania-alis-restaurant/

One of my favorite meals to eat when I visit Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, is mishkaki, the Tanzanian version of meat kebabs cooked on the barbecue. The meat is marinated in a combination of spices, then it’s fitted onto skewers, and roasted over charcoal until slightly charred on the outside. To served Tanzanian mishkaki, the meat is pulled off the stick onto a plate and often eaten with an Indian style bread and a variety of sauce. Along with big pieces of bbq chicken and fish, you can’t go wrong sampling mishkaki in Tanzania.

For this video, I went to a restaurant in downtown Dar Es Salaam known simply as Ali’s. I couldn’t honestly smell the sizzle of the meat from all the way down the street. The area of downtown Dar Es Salaam is home to a number of excellent barbecue restaurants which open in the evening and they offer a good place to get Tanzanian street food, which is incredibly tasty. Much of the dishes served are a unique and tasty blend of Middle Eastern, Indian, and local flavors and cooking techniques. At Ali’s they cooking the meat along the street, and some people come in the cars to get take-away, but we sat down and enjoyed the nice outdoor breeze of Dar.

We ordered a variety of dishes, including the bbq chicken and fish, both of which were pretty decent, but the fish was a little over cooked and dry. But what I really came to eat was the mishkaki, and I couldn’t resist ordering both the monster chicken kebab and the small beef mishkaki kebab. The beef was small pieces of tender meat marinated in spices and nicely flavorful. The chicken was huge cubes of boneless meat marinated in the same red spices with peppers and onions. The meat had a kick of chili to it too! There were a few different sauces to eat with the meat at Ali’s including a chili sauce, green sauce and a yogurt sauce. They were each delicious. Along with mishkaki, I also had a garlic naan, which was among the top pieces of naan I’ve ever had. It’s was layered with a thick spread of fresh garlic and cooked in the tandoori oven until it was fluffy and pillowy and nicely buttery. An amazing combination of meat and naan.

While mishkaki is delicious, the style of cooking is a little on the dry side, which is good, but just to warn you. I like it, but not as much as juicy succulent meat. In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Ali’s is a great restaurant located in downtown that does excellent mishkaki.

Open hours: 5:30 pm — 10:30 pm every night but Tuesday
Prices: You’ll pay about 8,000 ($4.87) — 12,000 TZS ($7.30) per person for a feast
Address: Mwisho St., just off Morogoro

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  1. Mark weins , you came to my city and didnt even tell me. I am ur huge fan. Come to dar next time , i will take u everywhere to eat for free.

  2. Miss home when I see this casual bbq every corner special Mambos also KT Shop ?? from Detroit ! Original from Morogoro

  3. i didn't particularly like this mishikakis beacuase they are overly seasoned the beef one in particular has to much ginger which makes the taste paste like. Good beef mishkaki should be lightly seasoned.

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