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  1. John W. Aikman…you make absolutely no sense. You are horribly confused. This shelter is NOT Animal Control on Harding. It's not the same organization, same building, same street or same ideals. Please get your facts straight before you continue  to accuse SSASI of these terrible things.

  2. So, I'm going to bed, I feel better when I tell what they did to my dogs, and I know they know I'll never forget or give up with what happened to the innocents they done nothing except love us like nothing else loved anything. So Damaging my outside property, dumping my inside including draws, cabinets, tables, and really staging the property. Yes I'm not got money , but me and my dogs paid for each-other and that was enough reward for me. We got to stand up, or every hobby breeder will suffer

  3. So this is the only therapy I get from the torture, and the awful pain they put my family through, and I'm all for working with abused animals, I was nicknamed the Dog Whisper every since I was 8 yrs.old, I learned there isn't bad dogs, just bad people, or people who mad the dog bad. I can tell you it took me less than 10 min to load the 1st invasion for my dogs safety, but when they went into full attack against my wife, dogs and I, you would have thought I'd German Shepard's,They was so brave.

  4. was on the call list, but I wonder what they really think after these things were repeated, starting with IACC Brown likes being on TV, lets see if he always does, Hoarding dogs, Abusing Animals, Puppy Mill, The reason why the city has such a problems with the population. 1st Sgt. told the truth, Greenfield, Kindig told truth up to the point they would let him, Kim W, seen her on TV too, see if we can make her a star soon, I'm waiting for the apology to say who gave her false news, time, place

  5. Now I'm tired for tonight, but you read the facts, and if I told a single lie, I surely couldn't show it in there own testimony, false affidavit, doing everything JUDGE ordered of me and above by 100%,Had real witnesses who knew me from no one, but no weight, it was the truth, real vet via phone, refuse to call"Judge" rather called me a lair, Head of IACC Brown, Lied on TV, To judges face, helped fabricate false affidavit. because I did what was ask, I was completely given 1 oz due process.Media

  6. If you can't tell this was my family, and most was going to be staying in the family, but they got them sick from the 1st abuse, that is why they had scalded testicles, bellies, and I had already cut 30 out of the 33 pups, we know you never cut a baby unless you plan to keep him/her, in my case it was for there health, stop any spread of anything from there filthy kennels. I had 6 Morkies, perfect,and the Dam was so loyal,she starved herself to see her pups lived, and had to lay in filthy urine.

  7. look@ aikmanmaltese that is simply right off the ground, on the ground, laying in bed, on the floor, and find 1 dog you could call abused.Would you take your sick dog to Pet-co and let the Pet tech doctor your dog, Judge used her as an expert Vet in his own words in the trail transcript, and credible reasoning to take her advice of again no proof of a sick dog until the IACC had took them not 1 time, but 2 times in less than 20 days, not a loss of life, how you accomplish that without sick dogs?

  8. Look at who really has been traumatized by this foolishness, Mistreatment of these dogs, ended up in a 100 % caring environment than they was taken out of. Because I won't cage a animal, dog, cat, horse, cow,pig. I just had a passion for my toy breeds and they sleep with me every night in a king size bed, surrounding me from head to toe, and family bedding spread throughout a 1500 sq.ft home I was called things that are beyond common sense, look at floors 8 hrs chasing no feces,there the crime.

  9. Finally Nd or ndnicewolf, are you one of the Foster homes that assist with this shelter? Yes or No is the question. Can you explain why they would tell a Judge on the 23rd of May, approx. date, but close, that every aikmanmaltese was at the South-side Facility, sworn under oath? Not until cash changed into the hands of the IACC was I told we are very sorry, but they never came here, went straight to Foster care, and why if they didn't stay there they all endedup sick.dogs ever slept outside ever

  10. Then if you want to donate to the 3000 dollars I was forced to pay for the transcript for the higher court to see this unbelievable Mockery of the Justice system. You clear can see that every attempt to call it something illegal didn't match the condition of the animals, record keeping, health, care and treatment, tags, individual vet records of each dog. massive play rooms, exercise yard, comforters out with toys everywhere, you will get a short glimpse, but undeniable, care for like no others

  11. hdnicewolf, 1 more ? was you aware of the many thousand of dollars I spent in that shelter that only takes cash by the way? and what is your real name? I've got no need to not say mine. My mamma always said if you tell the truth from the beginning, its alot shorter, and u never have to make another lie. What you think about that?U have my e-mail, name of my photo site, and you know this was just a scam to take specialty pups and parents. 120 days later had 20 additional pups, add that up.

  12. start watching at 28 seconds and those Maltese to the right, Blk/Wht Papitese-lil-poo is mine from there invasion, go to my website and look at same blk/wht sitting on a cooler in SC while he's looking up at me. hdnicewolf, can you tell the truth, do you work for the shelter? Just a question, wanna see if you tell the truth, it's a yes or no question

  13. I think you don't know your facts, you work there? They stole 50 counting parents, then breed an additional 20 per there count in court 4 months after they took them. Count 63 days, 4 months don't add up, unless your selling them quickly. So if you want a Maltese breed, look at my site of photo's and tell them you should get them, I paid IAAC 10,000.00 so I bought my own dogs they stold, so you should get them free, and thank me if they didn't ruin them

  14. I think you work there and are full of SSAS and need your head examined, maybe they should take somethiung you love cause they over power honest people with IPD, and house full of people, but show me a phioto of mine looks abused. So keep working there, but it won't make you any better than them. I wouldn't water a animal in that facility, All tey are is a front for killing animals

  15. If its not me uncovering this hell hole, it's an lying employee trying to sell dogs they've taken somewhere else. Pretty bad with all the real animals in need, not one of mine needed anything and they killed there spirit, and laughed in court, just go down 1 day and sit and listen to this line of crap to collect your money, its packed daily, 902 Virginia Ave, F-12, make you own determination, and ask why we are broke,we keep paying gov. entities to collect our money, and make law from the bench.

  16. Where is all the people who want dogs, cats, or other animals that have been tainted by the abuse, and heartbreaking confiscation from a bed to a cage or puppy mill they ruin. I've got lot more to say it will be face to face, each abuser will pay, they made threats, and said if I was asleep don't be surprised if they don't come in with Judges orders to make sure I don't own a pet, or someone isn't visiting with one, cause it would be a crime,That's right a crime,10 years,no complaint.Had to move

  17. guess this puppy mill legally run by the city is OK, if they just make up a report, lie while making an affidavit, cuff the owners and tell them shut you FM, hide as much activity that really went on, steal your hobby breeding toy dogs because you are imprisoned in your own home at 6:45 am, not even open hummm? Think after I spent 20 thousand dollars I was a animal abuser? Thais why they couldn't do video showing one citation, or even write then without scratching out another signing,Just takem

  18. Then look at the rea;l puppy mills and go back and see why they could do a video on mine, cause it wasn't close to abuse, I'll never admitt to wrong doing, they are the ones who need to make it right with the public. Kim, you will be fired, Sgt. Brown get ready for another job, it better include you never being in a room withyh an animal. This is sickening

  19. it demostrates your taking on more than you alllow the people who clearly take care of there pets, look at those cages, mine never seen the inside of a cage until you got your hands on them. You should be able to help plenty with the $8070.00 in 14 days of care you got from me until I wasn't going to pay for my dogs back again sick with Guardia, and Cocidiosis, you let a vet get them well, It was for my love for them, and I'm not funding your abuse!!!!!!!!!!!! John Aikman words

  20. So you can eat poop, like the ppoop you plant in every photo that is all that is in it, not a dog, never photos of owners, npo video, not a dog that doesn't look healthy until your raid of terror began, then see what it is like when your terrorized for 8 hrs, circled tyour property for 43 times through reports I just uncovered at the Mayors action Center, You are the sickiest of ALL the people I've seen to date, and I plan to speak out and make it right for my Maltese Blends, Pure Breed Maltese

  21. ACCD on Harding get ready to be exposed, you will soon be exposed to what you have done to many, that hasn't violated not one crime, or rule, other than your fabricated stories on liberal news channels, and staging the property with your 290 plus photo's taken during a inspection of what channel 59 took 21/2 minutes to completely walk thru, Your people spent 9 hrs. handcuffing citizens, beating my dogs, killing my pets, throwing litter of 2 day old pups, I have the photos to prove what I say

  22. They are sick, demented lying SOB's who will pay before the end in the right way, Justice, don't pay for anymore Doggy, Cat, or animal prisons, look at the animals that need help they could do what we pay them for ands assist someone if they rea;lly need it, instead we have a new error and way to collect funds using the hearts of animal lovers, Tell me I need to live in another county to own dogs, it's not about dogs, I want my perfect dogs back, we need to organize a real protest for this abuse

  23. Indianapolis Animal Care and Control should be ashamed, they would take an animal if it needed real care, they are to busy stealling healthy pedigree's, making up false hoarding, puppymill story. I will never stop telling how they terrorized, beat, killed, and used the court system to take my dogs who was in pperfect loving care, took , collected 990 dollar,7060.00 and the gave them Guardia, Coccidiousis, and illegally raided these dogs home, go to aikman maltese and see what they looked like

  24. This video makes me sick, I'm glad you like cats! What about the perfectly healthy, abundantly loved dogs Animal Care and Control are going out and illegally stealling every dog from true hobby breeder, and killing thenm in there plan to capture, and sieze property that doesn't belong to them. Make them pay the bills they create, this is just another bamboozle to get your money. Ask them about the multi-million dollar new facility to steall more dogs? Make them pay and return stolden dogs

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