Funny Rescued Animals at Lovin' Arms Sanctuary

Funny Rescued Animals at Lovin' Arms Sanctuary
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Horses, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, turkeys, ducks, and even a llama! Complete with my bad overdubs of animals talking.
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  1. If you’re ever near Detroit, check out Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea. They have some amazing animal babes with incredible stories. The added dialogue was hilarious btw.

  2. LOL! My dad and a friend of mine has dark hair and a red beard. You see it a lot on the east coast for some reason (lots of people of Irish/Scottish descent?). Weird how some people are triggered by it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this 💖 I've recently gone vegan and I'm trying to strengthen my connection with animals too as being a meat eater for 23 years has left me feeling further away from them than ever. I was really emotional as a kid so rather than going vegan i just learned to not see them as living things and I hate that. I think now I am vegan I can look them in the eyes again … I owe them so many apologies for putting it off for so long. I hope i can visit a sanctuary one day

  4. Hey, I've been here! Not far from Denver. I thought you were in Iowa!? Whoop, whoop for Luvin Arms! They do great things over there. Been donating to them for over a year now!

  5. animal agriculture is so cruel! i can't even look at them as food anymore!!! As far as i'm concerned, vegan foods are the only foods that exist.

  6. New vegan here-What do they do with the eggs that these hens continue to lay? Also, if I want to grow organic produce, can I have chickens to produce manure? Im so confused…

  7. BTW…"off subject"..We are noticing more vegan options at our local stores. It is expanding every time we shop. Tracking of consumer spending is actually a tool we can use to have our needs met. The power of the dollar once again, but to our advantage in reducing production of animal products. Victory in small doses can be joyous.

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