10 Pilots That Narrowly Escaped Disaster

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Watch as these pilots come near inches from in air disaster with their planes but miraculously avoid it!

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Compared to driving a car, flying is exponentially safer. Nevertheless, regardless if you’re on board a 300-seater Boeing, an F-16 military fighter, a customised racer, or a rickety Cessna – accidents can and do happen.

Thankfully, pilots are trained for any eventuality. These particular pilots were cunning enough to defy death and walk away, along with their passengers, in one piece.


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  1. April 2019…. I had went to Thailand at the same time of the American Airlines flight. We too had bad winds and I thought I was going to die. We were tilting too much and I just wanted mah mother. However, she was in another row and I was with my big bro.

  2. Commercial plane airlines shown in this video:
    80% American's(USA)airlines(60% American airlines, 20% Other like United, Westjet,…)
    20% Qantas and other Australian airlines

  3. is all your information about the sully and the hudson landing from the movie? because in reality no one questioned his actions unlike in the movie, he didnt have to point out the human factor in the simulations, the ntsb never tried to antagonize him unlike in the movie

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